Level 1 courses (Basic Certificate)

1)Basic Skin care product Formulation[ BSCPF]-
NGN 50’000
Duration Duration: 4 OR 8 Weeks
Basic knowledge of combination of natural Ingredients used to make different cosmetics for use or to start off a small brand.

2)Basic Aromatherapy Course formulation[BAC] –
NGN 50’000
Duration: 8weeks
Basic knowledge on aromatherapy, essential and carrier oils production and use for health, skin, hair.etc

3)Introduction to Herbalism [ ITH)
Duration: 8weeks
Basic knowledge on herbs, origin of Herbalism and natural treatment for the total being.

4)Basic Saponification Course [BSC] –
Ngn 50’000
Duration : 4weeks
Basic knowledge to soap making and designs for skincare ..etc

Level 3 Courses (Diploma)

1)Beginner to Diploma in Cosmetic Science [BDCS]
NGN 180’000
Duration: 3 Months
This course is for those interested in chemical formulations of inorganic)/biochemical products like body care, laundry, deodorant, roll on, gels, perfumes, color Cosmetics ( makeups) and hair care…etc

2) Senior diploma in Organic and Plant based Formulation [IDOPF]
NGN 180’000
Duration: 4 months
Graduates of these course MAJOR in natural and Ingredients used in organic Cosmetic Formulations of all Cosmetics, for body and hair care, gels, makeup, deodorants, hair creams perfumes …etc

3) Certificate of Herbalism Practice ( CHF)
NGN 200’000
Duration: 4 months
This is an intermediary into the study of Herbalism if you already have a background of Herbalism or you have attended our Introductory Herbalism course.
You learn more herbs for whole body treatments
You learn different body functions and herbs meant for various serious diseases.

Level 2 courses( Intermediate Certificate)

1)Beginner to Certificate in Perfumery [BDP]
NGN 90’000
Duration : 8weeks
Graduates of this course will learn all about and perfume oils for production , packaging and sales…etc

2) Certificate in Saponofication and Bath Products [BDSB]
NGN 90’000
Duration: 8weeks
Graduates of this course major in all kind of bath and soap products, scrubs, masks etc, for personal
and spar use, they also major in shampoo and conditioner production and the so many various soap designs and treatment…etc

3) Certificate in Aromatherapy and the Sciece of oils[BDAS]
NGN 90’000
Duration : 8weeks
Graduates of these course learn all in the beautiful world of aromatherapy for TREATMENTS for health and bodycare purposes, they’d learn how to produce their own different types of essential oils…etc

4)Beginner to Certificate in haircare,treatment and product formulation[BDHF]
NGN 90’000
Duration :8 weeks
Graduates of this course major in the health of the hair, TREATMENTS of various diseases like alopecia etc, care, and it’s various products…etc

5) Certificate in Organic and plant based skincare formulation[COPSF]
NGN 120’000
Duration : 4 months
An upgrade into learning more Natural and organic proceses and Ingredients for SKINCARE Cosmetic PRODUCTION.

Level 4 courses( Graduate Dilploma)

1) Herbalism & Botany [ The study of plants and herbs- H&B]
NGN 250’000
Duration: 6 months
Graduates of this course learn all the Available plants and herbs for holistic approach to health, skin and hair care, TREATMENT etc.
At the end if this course they can attain the name,
herbalist or herbal educator and can decide to major in health care or skincare or hair care treatments or production.etc

Professional Courses

School/Entreprenur Training Programme [SETP]
NGN 350'000 Duration 6 Months ( flexible online/ physical) Life time Consultation with Plantsacademy:
Graduates of this course get certified to own their own school and are supported with the basic requirements or knowledge of how to run a school...etc
They also get connected to various International bodies for networking etc that often involve traveling for seminars and International training.

Sample a Class Recipe

TWO WEEKS, RECIPE ONLY, COURSE OUTLINE 1) OILS; Making carrier and essential oils. 2) BODY CARE FOR DARK SKIN: Cream, lotion, body butters, soaps, scrubs and body oils 3) BODY CARE RECIPE FOR BROWN SKIN: Cream, lotion, body butters, soaps, scrubs and body oils 4) BODY CARE RECIPES FOR NATURAL FAIR/CARAMEL SKIN : Cream, lotion, body butters, soaps, scrubs and body oils 5) BODY CARE RECIPES FOR CAUCASIAN(very fair) SKIN: Cream, lotion, body butters, soaps, scrubs and body oils. 6) RECIPES FOR SAPONIFICATION & BATH PRODUCTS: Solid soaps, liquid soaps, bath bombs, soaks, scrubs, bath milks 7) RECIPES FOR HAIR; Creams, Shampoos, Conditioners, oils, sprays, detox. 8) BODY CARE RECIPES FOR SKIN TREATMENT: Psoriasis, dermatitis, sunburn, ageing skin, bleached skin. 9) RECIPES FOR BODY CONTOURING: Hips, butt, boobs, penile, weigh gain, weight reduction, flat tummy, detox. 10) RECIPES FOR SEXUAL HEALTH Libido increase, fertility boost, wetness booster, quick ejaculation treatment , female organ tightening.