There is no refund policy for any of our products or courses at

However because we know life happens, a student has 48 hours after buying a course to ask for a full refund , the school management will carry out their due diligence to ascertain that the student has not yet accessed any of its educational material, bonus courses, or recipes that is attached to any of its courses.

In a situation where a student had proven the genuineness of reason for a refund , if that student had accessed any of the above mentioned educational information within the 48 hours period , 30% of the total money for the course paid by the student will be deducted by the school before the balance is made as a refund.

A student who has earned a strike 3 and follow up permanent suspension will lose his access to his course and the school groups without a refund.

The Plantsacademy operates a strict professional school system and these reflects in the various faculty groups and other mediums accessed by students during their period of study.

All students will attend or read up their courses during the time allocated for them, and are also expected to prepare well for their exams and participate fully.

Plagiarism during exams are totally frowned at and a student may get a strike and reduced mark for plagiarism, as research students, plantsacademy students are encouraged to read beyond their course work, however credits should be given to any individual, institution or site from which they directly collected their answers from , especially when a quote is made.

Each of the school's interactive groups have their unique rules as regards students interaction and expressions, however as an international school, there is a general rule of no racism , harassment or negative criticism of fellow students and team members of the school, we welcome students from every part of the world irrespective of race, language, religion and colour and we want our school groups to be convenient and homely to all.

Aggrieved students are expected to reach out to the school's management through any of these channels below :
1)Direct chat with the course reps or tutors .
2) Send an official mail to

We value the mental health of all our students and team at The Plantsacademy, any student found to be constantly bickering and complaining on the school groups may risk receiving strikes and temporarily suspension from interacting in the school groups.

A student is required to treat each course mate and team members of the school with respect.

A student who continues to breach our terms of used may risk a permanent suspension from the school after several warnings and strikes.

We appreciate you choosing to study at our school, we look forward to seeing you become the best internationally in whatever niche you choose after your course of study.

We look forward to you reflecting the truth in our slogan.

'Plantsacademy students are not HALF BAKED"

The Plantsacademy reserves the right to update its terms of service any time.