Terms of Service

The Plantsacademy is s registered trademark of Malia botanicals limited.

Registering a course on indicates that a user agrees to the terms of service/usage and rules of the school, it's materials, it's work, faculty and group rules as follows.

In this document the "enrolee" or "student" refers to an individual who registers and pays for any of our courses at

The "School" refers to The Plantsacademy as an educational body, and the various system which it uses as a means of dispensing training.

"Courses" refers to the educational learning product that provides a student with knowledge on a particular discipline.

"His" is used as a general adjective with no offense meant, irrespective of what gender is purchasing our courses.

An enrolee is required to buy a course of interest on the school and make payment either through bank transfer, crypto currency payment or direct card payment on the website.

An enrolee becomes a student after a successful purchase of his course of interest, after which he is expected to join his faculty group on whatsapp for interactions with fellow students taking same course. A tutor or course rep will be on hand to help him settle in properly in these group.

A student is also expected to join the schools Alumni group on whatsapp where he can learn from and interact with both old and ongoing students if the school.

The Alumni group is also where the school informs all students of new updates about the school or their courses.